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With AVES DE ESPAÑA we show citizens the commitment of Spanish farmers and producers to food security, sustainability and animal welfare.

Companies that have a license to use «BIRDS OF SPAIN» They have a certified system that includes strict requirements for traceability, quality, food safety, sustainability and animal welfare, identifying poultry for meat production (chicken, turkey and quail) in the market; as well as meat (fresh, chilled or frozen, whether packaged or in bulk); and products made, transformed or processed with their meat.

Products that meet all the requirements of the regulation and will be certified as “BIRDS OF SPAIN” on its container or label to identify itself. Thanks to QR technology, you will be able to scan the Aves de España logo and learn up close all the information on the origin and traceability of the product you are consuming.

Compliance with the requirements of the regulation by operators and their certification is carried out through external audits carried out by accredited certification entities. 

This certification is powered by AVIANZA, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat (chicken, turkey and quail meat), an organization with 30 years of activity that brings together more than 65 associated companies and defends the interests of the poultry sector both in our country and in the international market.

AVIANZA represents more than 90% of companies linked to the poultry sector, both chicken, turkey and other poultry. In total, it has more than 5,000 farms and production centers, 281 cutting and processing rooms, which provide direct employment to more than 40,000 professionals.

“BIRDS OF SPAIN” demonstrates the maximum commitment to European quality, environment, consumption promotion, food safety, sustainability and animal welfare measures. In addition, it promotes the consolidation of the poultry sector as a benchmark of quality and professionalism in the foreign market to promote exports.

  • Greater consumer confidence due to the transparency of quality processes
  • Increase the prestige of the sector and its products
  • Promote local consumption
  • Improve production in the sector
  • Favor Spanish poultry products as higher quality and well-being than imported ones
  • Support exports: Quality standard assured

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